Why Study Engineering at Acadia?

Acadia students work hard and enjoy the challenge! The Ivan Curry School of Engineering at Acadia University will help you to get a good foundation in Engineering for the first two years of your four year program, and assist you with the transition to a larger school where you might not be able to get the same kind of personal instruction. There is no replacement for a solid foundation.

We offer smaller class sizes which allow for close contact with your professors.  This means you can ask your professors first hand specific questions you may have about your studies, or discuss concerns you may have with your future studies or discipline choice.


Small Class Sizes Mean...



Your professors will be accessible.

It's easy to meet friends.

You will understand what community means.

More resources will be available for project work.





Math and Science Labs and Tutorials Mean...

You can apply what you learn.

You'll remember what you've learned.

You'll think about what you've learned and apply it in new ways.