CAS Course Requirements:

The CAS consists of 69 credit hours (23 courses) in the following catagories:

24h of Applied Science


APSC 1073, APSC 1223, APSC 1113, APSC 1413, APSC 2213, APSC 2413, APSC 2113, APSC 2683

18h of Math


MATH 1013, MATH 1023, MATH 1323, MATH 2723, MATH 2753, MATH 2213

12h of 'Pure' Science


CHEM 1013, CHEM 1023, PHYS 1013, PHYS 1023

6h of Humanities


Two elective courses with a strong writing component, chosen from the Social Sciences or Humanities

9h 'At the direction of the school'


Three 'discipline-specific' courses chosen to satisfy the particular requirements of a given engineering discipline.