The standard first year engineering curriculum has no electives. Students will register for these courses upon admission to the university. The required courses are as follows:

1st Term:

2nd Term:

APSC 1073 APSC 1113 and APSC 1110L
APSC 1223 and APSC 1220L APSC 1413 and APSC 1410L
MATH 1013 and MATH 1010L MATH 1023 and MATH 1020L
PHYS 1013 and PHYS 1010L PHYS 1023 and PHYS 1020L
CHEM 1013 and CHEM 1010L CHEM 1023 and CHEM 1020L
  MATH 1323

Brief descriptions of all the courses listed above can be found by clicking the 'Course Catalog' tab under 'Our Programs' in the main menu.

Engineering students normally select an engineering discipline and begin to specialize in their second year of study. A chart that shows all of the courses by discipline in the CAS program can be found here. 

More detailed information of use to first year students can be found in the attached 'Letter from the Director'. Just click the tab to follow.