Some School Policies Unique to the CAS

Transfer Credits and Year Two Electives

The CAS program is part of an accredited Engineering program delivered in cooperation with Dalhousie University. As such, it is subject to certain special rules and regulations governing transfer credits and year two electives not listed in the Acadia calendar. Some of those special rules are described on the sub-sections of this page. Just follow the links on the left.

Discipline Choice Procedure

Students normally specialize in their chosen engineering discipline in their second year of studies (third in the case of BASc/CAS students). Before taking any 'discipline-specific' courses they normally apply for and are given a 'placeholder' in a specific engineering discipline. Placement in engineering disciplines is competitive on the basis of grades and is managed by Dalhousie. It is important that students exactly follow the procedures listed in any given year to ensure their smooth progress through the program. More information can be found by following the menu on the left.