Research Opportunities

Our engineering department is smaller than most, but that means more opportunities for our undergraduate students! Many of our professors conduct their own research projects at Acadia and hire students to help. Whether its by taking the "Special Topics" course as an elective during your time here, or staying over the summer and conducting experiments, there are plenty of opportunities to get valuable field experience while staying close to home.

Below are some photos of our 2023 research team. Working with Doctors Arnold, Rand and Tango, they had the opportunity to visit a brewery in Mahone Bay and explore the brewing process to assist them in their wastewater management. Other fascinating field trips included visits to various compost facilities, lakes and lagoons, water treatment facilities and more! There were also opportunities to gather and organize BBQs at which they ate delicious burgers and played frisbee with the profs.

To find out more about the research being done at Acadia's Engineering Department, click here.