Acadia Engineering Society

The Acadia Engineering Society or (AES) is formed of Acadia engineering students that are typically voted in by their classmates. The purpose of the AES is to organize interesting and fun event for the students and support them through their studies at Acadia. Possible positions include President or Co-president, Vice President Academic, Vice President External, Vice President Finance, Vice President Social, First Year Reps and even more!

The AES holds clothing sales every year for students to get some sweet Acadia Engineering gear, make sure not to miss it as the clothes are unique to each year and only available for a limited time!

The AES also organizes a yearly engineering banquet, usually in March, where students can meet and network with profs and professional engineers, as well as enjoy a meal, watch insightful presentations and attend an awards ceremony. You won't want to miss it!

Acadia is a member-school of the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students (ACES), which brings together engineering schools in the Atlantic region, and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), which gathers engineering departments from all of Canada! These organizations hold several conferences throughout the year, some open to all students and others for voting members only (usually a co-president or the VP External). These events are organized by other member schools and include many meetings, seminars, presentations and lots of networking events where delegates can meet students from all over the region or country and network. Visit their websites to learn more, or ask your engineering society representatives to hear their experience!