Engineering Co-op

The accredited engineering program delivered in cooperation with Dalhousie is “co-op optional”, meaning that it can be completed either as a co-op degree or not at the discretion of the student. However, about 90 – 95% of all students choose to go the co-op route.


The co-op option requires three to four separate 4-month work term placements, which add one calendar year to the Engineering Degree program. All of the work terms are paid and count towards the 'professional practice' requirement for eventual registration as a Professional Engineer.


Students usually start their co-op work terms after their first term at Dal. Chemical and Mechanical engineers start their first work term in the fall of their first year at Dalhousie, before attending any classes. All other disciplines have at least one academic term at Dal before going out on their first placement.  The second and subsequent placements are sequenced differently between programs, but seem to alternate (i.e. one school term, then one work term, etc. until the requirements are completed). The placement office at Dal coordinates the program.  Students in mechanical and chemical receive online workshops in their final term at Acadia, so that they are ready for interviews at the end of the winter term. Other programs will do this over the summer before Dalhousie


Detailed information on deadline dates for application in any given year can be found under the 'continuing students' tab on this site.