2023 - PSEDHIM

"Our product , which stands for Patient-friendly Saliva Ejector and tongue Depressor Holder with Internal Mirror was designed with a series of discussions with local and international dental clinics for their overall involvement in the idea during the market research phase. They took a keen interest in its possible use in the dental field and after discussing the project in detail, tackling a problem of this stature would allow dentists to further increase their overall efficiency during work. Many of the responses and suggestions from this market analysis allowed further development and modification that lead to the final product.

The final design that was developed aids as a solution to help support dentists whenever an assistant is not present during a procedure. Its primary function was to keep the jaw open, hold the saliva ejector, and provide the dentist with an additional mirror while keeping the tongue down during procedures. These features were fulfilled by designing a shape based on existing products on the market.

The final prototype submitted was 3D printed on a Prusa MK3 printer using Flex PLA. However, the final product for production would ideally be made from medical grade silicone, that can be reused and sanitized in a dental autoclave, with a flexible reflective metal surface."

-Krishna Venkatesh, 1st Year Student, Member of A.D Foulis Design I Award Winning Group

2023 - Baffle Forming Machine

"Our project was to make a machine to bend oil furnace baffles for the company Granby Furnaces. Granby is a HVAC manufacturing company based out of Parrsboro Nova Scotia. Our machine was intended to make the process of making these baffles faster and more reliable.

We started by contacting the company to see if they would be interested in funding this project. After discussing some ideas with the general manager of the plant they were on board. Throughout the design process we remained in touch with the company to make sure we were heading in the right direction and would ultimately end up with a machine they could use.

The project was manufactured mostly out of sheet metal (cut on a CNC laser cutter) and used a pneumatic motion system that was controlled by an Arduino."

-Ben Babineau, 2nd Year Electrical Student, Member of A.D Foulis Design II Award Winning Group