Technology Requirements

Laptop Requirement

"All students who will be, or are currently attending Acadia University, are required to have a laptop." The courses in your Engineering program will use programs such as Fusion 360 3D, AutoCAD (updated yearly), Solid Edge, Maple, the Acorn online courseware system, and a number of other software application packages, which is most easily managed with a PC-based laptop. ALL teaching/demonstration in Applied Science courses will be done using the Windows operating system and applications. A computer only running a SSD drive (i.e. no hard drove) should have a minimum or 256GB to run all required software. You will be expected to use technology regularly in all of your courses. You are therefore required to bring a laptop computer with you capable of running these applications.

Technology Services @ Acadia
Our Technology Services department sets the standards for acceptable computers, and those requirements are updated annually. To determine this year's requirements, start at the "Technology Services" website. This is the best place to find out everything you need to know about the technology support services at Acadia and to get information about laptops.

To find out about the laptop requirement, click on the Tech Store links at the Technology Services website. At the Tech Store you can see the specifications that your laptop must meet to make sure you will be able to use the software and network services provided by Acadia. If you wish, you can purchase a laptop directly from the Tech Store site (either a Mac or a Dell). If you are bringing your own laptop, you can find out whether it meets the specifications required by Acadia.

The Technology Services Helpdesk is located on the lower floor of the Beverage Arts Centre. This is a walk-in service centre for technology support. The Hours of Operation as well as additional contact information are listed on their website

Buy and Bring a Network Cable
Acadia has wireless access in most parts of the campus but it is still a good idea to have a plug-in network cable. You may purchase one at the Tech Service desk for $5. Many former students would recommend that you get a 3 meter cable for best access in classrooms (available at Staples and other electronics stores)