MS Engineering

Ms Engineering (Mentor in the School of Engineering) is a group coordinated by Dr. Jennie Rand, Associate Professor in Engineering, that aims to provide female Acadia Engineering students access to social and scholastic systems to foster growth of professional, academic, leadership, and social skills.  At the core of Ms Engineering is a mentorship program between first- and upper-level female engineering students to promote solid relationships with open communication for ideas, advice, support, and development as Engineering students.  Each first-year female student is paired with an upper-level female student during the first week of classes, who will check in with each other over the course of the year at events, gatherings, and independently. Ms Engineering also offers opportunities to meet with women professional engineers, socialize with fellow students, and outreach to younger girls interested in science and engineering.

Quotes from students involved in the Ms Engineering program:

"Ms Engineering offers a unique opportunity for women pursuing an engineering degree. Females being a minority in STEM careers, beckons for programs like Ms Engineering where we can band together in stride towards a mutual goal. Ms Engineering's goal is to promote women in engineering, in the hopes of equality, success and thus furthering advancement in science and research. This program allows freshmen and upper years to connect, using each other as tools for self development and as sources of information. Women are paired up as a mentor/mentee and a lot of times it develops into a friendship. It’s more than just a club, it’s a sense of belonging, an outlet for inspiration, a place where I made some of my best friends and became closer with existing ones. It’s allowed me to learn more about the degree and career before me. It gave me a better sense of where I want to go later in life and how to get there. All while having fun, the events are catered to student’s busy schedules, often times there is food and guest speakers involved. These speakers are role models that help guide young women in the direction they want to go. It’s an open environment where questions are encouraged and open discussions and debate are common. Ms Engineering is a great program and low commitment for any females looking to get involved, who need guidance or who just want to have fun. I highly encourage all women to join and I promise you won’t regret it!" MM

 “To me Ms Engineering provides an opportunity for the girls in Engineering to get together outside of class and make connections with others in their own year and in upper years. It’s nice to meet other girls in the program because having a role model or mentor can be motivating when it gets hard because you want to succeed like that other person has. The professional engineers that have come in also act as great role models and it’s awesome hearing about their experiences from school and their professional lives.” JV

 “To me Ms Engineering is all about getting the opportunity to connect with the female engineering community within Acadia university. Ms Engineering allows first-year students to meet older peers and get introduced to how being a part of the engineering program works and feels for fellow students. It also allows students and faculty to come together for different events and to form bonds to help you through your studies at Acadia.” TL