"The BASC program has given me the opportunity to widen my academic interests as well as discover my passion for engineering. Over my 3-year stay, I get to enjoy Acadia's wonderful campus, as well as meet helpful faculty, knowledgeable professors, and make lifelong friends."

Ben Newcomb 2nd Year BASc Student 2014 



"Acadia students are well prepared."

Craig Lake, P.Eng., Associate Professor and                
Head of Civil and Mineral
at Dalhousie University 2015

A Letter From Martin Miller February 2015:

"I'm a former Acadia University student from 2008-2010, who graduated and went to Dal with a Sexton Scholar award. I went to work for a local aerospace firm after graduation to decide whether I really wanted to work in the field long term, and I've come to believe it's the most cutting edge area of engineering, where you do use what you learned in class. I've started working on mathematical modelling projects and teaching myself aerodynamics and CFD in preparation for graduate school. I'd like to thank you for the excellent education you provided - without it, I couldn't even dream of what I'm working towards now. I hope you and Val are doing well.".

Martin Miller CAS Mechanical 2010 Acadia Grad/2013-14 Dal Grad 


Acadia University and the faculty encourage you to do your personal best, hold yourself to a high standard and pursue what you love."

Kayleigh Brown BScH, CAS Chem 2011 Acadia Grad / 2014-15 Dal Grad 


Initially I went to Queens university, which is a much larger school than Acadia.  Upon getting to Acadia I've realized the power and potential of a smaller establishment.  Having smaller class sizes allows teachers to be more personable with students, allowing for more tutorial like settings with your professor.  Having seen both sides, I know small schools are not for everybody, but they are definitely my choice."

Hayden Hopgood CAS Civil 2014 Acadia Grad 


"One of the best things about the classes at Acadia is the class sizes. They are small enough that you know your professors and they know you. They care if you do well and will do all they can to help you succeed."

Emily Wolff  BScH-Physics, CAS Electrical 2014 Acadia Grad 


"I am currently studying education at the University of Lethbridge. I plan on becoming a teacher. It was nice to come back to visit. With Acadia being so small, your professors all remember you and are all interested in how and what your are doing. I miss the university and everyone here greatly and I am very glad I came here to do my degree."

Emily Wolff  BScH-Physics, CAS Acadia Grad 2014
(Back for a campus visit during her study break in 2015.) 


"Acadia is beautiful. The Professors are friendly and it's a comfortable place to study."

Xiaomeng Li  CAS Electrical 2013 Acadia Grad 


"Basically I like everything here. That's why I come back to Acadia to do courses in the summer. It's a really good experience here." 

Licia Hu CAS Environmental 2011 Acadia Grad
(Back for 2012 summer courses.)



"I like that I can apply the Chemistry to real life situations rather than just in theory. Acadia Engineering has helped me to do this." 

Hanna Nickerson BScH-Chem, CAS Chemical 2013 Acadia Grad



"Acadia's second year design class was definitely one of my favorites. It gave me an opportunity to work with a team and apply our textbook knowledge in a real and innovative way in order to build a functional prototype. My team took this class a step further and entered our vertical axis tidal turbine project into the ACSBE innovative design competition held at Acadia every year. For the competition we were required to write a technical report and present the project to industry professionals. Using the skills we learned in our engineering courses we placed first in the competition and split the cash prize between the four group members. The design course is great just by itself, but the opportunity to take it this step further is what sets Acadia's engineering program apart."

- Alex Smith CAS Mechanical 2009 Acadia Grad 



"Those who like it, like it a lot." When transferring to Dal, your knowledge will continue to expand, but you'll remember where you learned your base, Acadia!."

 - Scott White  CAS Mechanical and Jack Merchant  CAS Civil 2014 Acadia Grads[nbsp]


"My experience at Acadia University led to a seamless transition to Dalhousie."

 - Craig Sullivan  CAS Mechanical 2014 Acadia Grad 


"I simply wish to inform you folks at Acadia that we Acadia students seem to be well prepared for the transition to Dalhousie Eng."

 - Nathan Ward CAS Civil 2011 Acadia Grad 


"By the way, we Acadia students (especially those of us in Civil) are doing quite well in our classes. You and the other professors prepared us very well! And I still use that concept from Statics of assuming all members are in tension throughout the analysis, and if the answer is negative then they are in compression haha."

 - Jason Hockley CAS Civil 2010 Acadia Grad 


"Acadia students shine very quickly in class!"

 - Mohamad Jaafar CAS Electrical 2010 Acadia Grad 


"We were so well prepared to go to Dal. I would go to Acadia for my first two years all over again without question."

 - Ashley Hardman CAS Industrial 2010 Acadia Grad 


"I had a great experience at Acadia and was well prepared for the transition to Dalhousie."

 - Alex Smith CAS Mechanical 2009 Acadia Grad 


"Everyone misses Acadia. Everyone misses the small class sizes and the Acadia campus. Our group of students from Acadia still hangs out and studies together."

 - Jennifer Gough CAS Mechanical 2009 Acadia Grad 



"Engineering? ..Go to Acadia! I was more than prepared for Dal. Don't just do Engineering because you're parents want you to. Find your passion and go for it. I've designed a guitar pedal in my last year."

 - Lance Taylor, P.Eng. (Working in Alberta) 2012 AES Banquet 


Meet Robert O'Brien






Why I joined Acadia: When I joined the Air Force, they gave me a choice of any university in Canada and my program of choice. I chose Acadia for its outstanding academic record and it's stunning campus.
Best thing about program of study: Small class sizes make it possible to meet your professors one on one. I was in a second year course that included six students being taught by a Doctor that had previously worked for the space agency, that just doesn't happen anywhere’s else.
My favourite place on campus: Would certainly be the third level of the library; it has a desk space with windows that overlook the Bay of Fundy.
Future Plans: My future plans are to graduate from Acadia with a Bachelor of Applied Science, and continue my training as an Officer in the Canadian Forces.

Advice to Future students:   Your first semester will undeniably be the fastest four months of your life, balance your work with play. Focus on the task at hand and stay organized, my favourite quote by Thomas Carlye emphasizes this notion “Our grand business undoubtedly is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at hand." My last advice is to not stress about work, if the problem can be completed then there is no need to worry (then refer to my favorite quote), and if the problem cannot be solved, becoming stressed is bound to do only no good.