Transfer Credits:

Students can transfer up to 1/2 of their CAS program courses from other institutions, but only two credits out of the last 12 can be taken as external or transfer courses.

If a course is taken through Dal's or SMU's Engineering summer school after failing the equivalent Acadia course, it will be treated as an internal (non-transfer) course. If it is taken for first credit, it will be counted as an external transfer.

As per standard Acadia policy, all transfer credits taken while 'in program' must be completed with a letter of permission through our registrar's office.

All transfer credits for APSC courses in the CAS must be from other accredited engineering programs. Only programs located in 'Washington Accord' countries will be recognized.

Distance Ed:

Dal will only accept a total of two online courses in any form as part of the four-year degree. All of your CAS courses count as part of that total. Therefore you are restricted in the number of Distance Ed credits you can use while at Acadia.

Also, all year two 'writing' electives must be taken in a classroom environment and thus cannot be completed on-line.

There are very few accredited engineering courses offered on-line. Check very carefully if you think you have found something you can use, chances are it is not eligible for credit here.