BASc - Bachelor of Applied Science

3 Year Program

You can complete the three-year BASc as a stand-alone program or combine it with the CAS. If you combine it with the CAS the program offers you the opportunity to expand your field of study beyond the rigid bounds of the accredited engineering program by adding a number of elective courses of your own choosing. If you choose to complete the BASc alone without combining it with the CAS your elective choice options are even broader. 

About 1/2 of our students opt for the BASc program while they study with us. Of that group, over 90% do a combined program with the CAS. Provided you have successfully completed the CAS requirements while completing your BASc, and have requested a discipline placement, you would again have automatic admission into the third year of the Dalhousie engineering program. Note: You don't have to know which program is for you when you apply to Acadia, as the recommended first year for the BASc, CAS and combined programs are all common and you can switch back and forth very easily between them at any time.


Bachelor of Education after BASc:

For students interested in teaching math and physics, you can apply to Acadia’s Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program one year sooner (after three years rather than four years) by completing Acadia’s Bachelor of Applied Science program rather than the conventional four-year Bachelor of Science. For program details on the BASc, click here and for more information on the B.Ed. program click here.