BASc degree with the CAS

This is a very popular combination that requires adding seven elective courses to the 23 that make up the CAS. The added courses are typically in the following catagories:

Three Arts or Professional Studies Electives

These electives can be from either the Faculty of Arts or Professional studies, and are completely unrestricted otherwise. Course descriptions for possible choices can be found in academic calendar. Unlike the two 'writing' electives that are part of the CAS, these 'extra' BASc electives can literally be anything you desire from outside of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science (Including Economics, Language Acquisition and Studio classes). 

Two - 2000 Level Science Electives

These two electives are typically from the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science and must be at the 2000 level or higher (eg. CHEM 2513 or PHYS 3433). They may not be APSC or MATH courses.  As an alternative, students interested in Biomedical Engineering may consider kinesiology courses KINE 2033, 2413, 2423, 2523, 3013, 3883, 4083, 4213, and 4573.  CAS students will already possess the necessary prerequisites to enter many second-year chemistry or physics courses, but other topics are possible.

Two Business/Science Electives

These two electives can be any course from either the School of Business, Department of Economics, School of Kinesiology, or the Faculty of Science. Unlike the 2000 level science electives, APSC and MATH courses are allowed here. Students in the combined BASc/CAS who are in the chemical/civil/environmental disciplines, one of these electives MUST be an APSC course.