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Welcome to the Ivan Curry School of Engineering at Acadia University. 
We are an excellent first step on the way to becoming a fully recognized Professional Engineer.

2nd Year Design Teams Create..

Car Sensor Design II Project

Race Car Data Acquisition System


Solar Stove

Solar Stove based on two mirror
Prometheus Solar Technology


1st Year Design Teams Create... 

tl_files/sites/engineering/resources/Design and Presentations 2012-2013/DoubleSidedOpeningDoorSmaller.JPG

"Double Sided Opening Door" 


tl_files/sites/engineering/resources/Design and Presentations 2012-2013/Pizza Cutter Sharpener Smaller.JPG

and a "Pizza Knife Sharpener"


Engineering at

Acadia University

We offer 2 Applied Science programs at Acadia, the CAS (Certificate of Applied Science) and the BASc (Bachelor of Applied Science).  Either of these programs can be used as a starting point in Engineering. 


CAS - Certificate of Applied Science

2 Year Program 

Our 2 Year Certificate of Applied Science completes the first 2 years of the accredited 4 year Engineering Degree, or the first 23 of the 46 credit Engineering Degree.  The CAS can be taken on its own or simultaneously with any program of study offered at Acadia including the BASc.

After completing the CAS at Acadia, and requesting a discipline placement, students are granted automatic acceptance into the 3rd year of the accredited Engineering degree programs at DAL. The transfer is guaranteed and automatic upon completion of the CAS.  You can specialize in any of the different discipline choices listed below. 

Electrical /Computer


BASc - Bachelor of Applied Science

3 Year Program

This 3 Year Program offers an opportunity to obtain an Acadia degree along with your CAS and expand your field of study beyond the bounds of the accredited engineering program. You may choose to add study from areas outside of Applied Science, including Buisness, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Environmental Science, Geomatics, Geology, Math or Physics.  You can complete the BASc as a stand-alone program or combine it with the CAS should you wish to continue on and complete the accredited Bachelor of Engineering Degree. Provided you have successfully completed the CAS requirements and have requested a discipline placement, you would again have automatic admission into the third year of the Dalhousie Engineering Degree.


Other Options

The Applied Science program at Acadia is extremely flexible.  It is possible to complete the CAS simultaneously with degrees in many other areas of study at Acadia. It is also possible to use Applied Science courses to complete minor or second major requirements in many other programs of study without actually completing the CAS itself.  Students interested in these options should consult with the Director of the School.


First Year Students

First year engineering curriculum is set for the first term, as there are no electives. Students can be completely pre-registered by the Engineering Department or if they would prefer to sign up for themselves, the required courses for the scholastic year are as follows:

First term: 

APSC 1073, APSC 1223, Math 1013, Phys 1013, Chem 1013

Second term: 

APSC 1113, 1413, Math 1023, Phys 1023, Chem 1023 and Math 1323