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Engineering is all about creating new things and solving real problems. It's a huge field, blending topics from almost all branches of science with the formal study of design and economic analysis. Practitioners revel in the feeling of accomplishment that results from seeing their designs come to life, which often only occurs after extensive analysis, testing and de-bugging on the part of an multi-disciplinary engineering team.

If you look around the site, and you'll find loads of information about courses, programs, student projects, etc. We hope some of it is useful to you. We've even put some more conventional information describing popular disciplines of engineering on our site for you to read. Just click on the "Fields of Engineering" button on the left to check those out. But while reading all this stuff, remember: Engineers build things! It's different than science, there's always bit of art involved.

To reinforce this idea, we suggest you follow this Engineering Quotes link to read some inspirational (and sometimes funny) quotes by famous people describing our profession.

As a teaser we're going to leave you with a couple of pics of recent student design projects for you to look at. Feel free to get in touch if you want to be part of the Acadia program.


2nd Year Design Teams Create..

Car Sensor Design II Project

Race Car Data Acquisition System


Solar Stove

Solar Stove based on two mirror
Prometheus Solar Technology


1st Year Design Teams Create... 

tl_files/sites/engineering/resources/Design and Presentations 2012-2013/DoubleSidedOpeningDoorSmaller.JPG

"Double Sided Opening Door" 


tl_files/sites/engineering/resources/Design and Presentations 2012-2013/Pizza Cutter Sharpener Smaller.JPG

and a "Pizza Knife Sharpener"